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Annual Meeting

The Vascular Society of New Jersey is the state's preeminent professional association for vascular surgeons. The objectives of VSNJ are:

  1. to establish standards of proficiency
    in the recognition and care of vascular disease;
  2. to promote adherence by the membership to these standards;
  3. to enhance and disseminate education in vascular disease
    at the resident, post graduate and lay levels; and
  4. to encourage research in the etiology and modalities
    of treatment of vascular disease.

The active membership consists of Board certified surgeons in the area who are currently practicing vascular surgery. Qualification for admission to the Society is dependent upon training, demonstrated skills, and adherence to ethical and moral standards as exemplified by members of the national vascular societies—International Cardiovascular Society (ICVS) and/or Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS). There are five categories of membership: Active, Senior, Honorary, Candidate and Associate.

VSNJ is front and center on significant legislative and regulatory issues, including licensure of vascular techs, licensure of ambulatory surgery centers, PIP and out of network reimbursement, and health insurance policy. VSNJ has the benefit of strong management and lobbying by the Advocacy and Management Group, led by Beverly Lynch and Lauren Myers. It provides timely monthly information to all members through the VSNJ Monthly Report, and the VSNJ website.

VSNJ also provides outstanding education, with nationally-recognized speakers at the Annual Spring meeting (traditionally in March), and the Fall membership meeting (October/November).

For information on how you can participate in VSNJ, click here for membership. Or click here to participate in the meeting. Exhibitors click here for information on sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Bev or Lauren at VSNJ by calling (609) 392-7553, or email

2013 Annual Fall Meeting Photos
2013 Annual Fall Meeting Photos
Call for Scientific Abstracts

Message from the President

Kurt R. Wengerter, MD, President

This past week we have witnessed great turmoil in Washington with the two major parties battling over ObamaCare, the continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government, the debt ceiling, and last but not least, the shutdown of the Federal government. At the center of much of this is the debate over the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka ObamaCare) which is notorious for being difficult to understand and comprehend. Beginning this month I will be doing my (small) part to help us all understand the new law with short digestible pieces about its various aspects. This issue's topic is Health Insurance Exchanges.

Perhaps it is just my heightened awareness of recent governmental issues, but this month's reports from Beverly Lynch (The Advocacy Group) and Mark Manigan (Brach-Eichler) seem particularly filled with information that is both important and usefull for the practicing vascular surgeon. I would recommend reviewing their notes on the ACA, the NJ Health Insurance Exchange as well as a recent US Circuit Court case which ruled against a NJ Surgical Practice's ability to bill facility fees.

This month we also have an intriguing article by Dr. Dardik who discusses his correspondence with Jean Kunlin. In it we learn about the early experience with the anastomotic AV fistula from the pioneers of lower extremity bypass technique.

If you enjoy the Monthly Report in the current email format - then please let us know! And if you have something to report or discuss that you think would be of interest to our members, then submit it! We will review it and do our best to include it in an upcoming report. As always we strive to make the Monthly Report useful for the vascular surgeons of NJ.

Remember to sign up for the Annual Fall Dinner at Trump National Golf Club. Frank Veith's topic will be: "How Randomized Trials Can Be So Misleading."

Kurt R. Wengerter, MD, President
October, 2013

Important News

Thanks to Our Sponsors

The Vascular Society of New Jersey wishes to thank the following companies for their sponsorship of the 35th Annual Scientific Meeting held March 6, 2013 at Nanina’s In The Park, Belleville, NJ:

W L Gore & Associates, Inc.



Rinko Orthopedic Inc.

The Vascular Society of New Jersey wishes to thank the following companies for their sponsorship of the Annual Fall Meeting held November 12, 2012 at Highlawn Pavilion, West Orange, NJ:

Body In Motion


W L Gore & Associates, Inc.


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